10 October 2010

The Geek is dead. Long live the Geek :-)

congratulations to Neil! ;-)


István Albert said...

plus a gold medal to boot

Jacob said...

Hi Pierre,

I'm Jacob from México and I am working at Cinvestav-Langebio(México) on bioinformatics area..nice to meet you.

I'm posting on new website about bioinformatics and I would like that you consider to participate in BioinformaticaViva.org Q&A.

This website is like biostar(questions and answers). sometimes we are posting spanish questions and answers or sometimes in english, the important is the information that we can share

url is here: http://answers.bioinformaticaviva.org/index.php



giovanni said...

This is because I am still warming up and I am letting you all the answers... wait just a and I will get to 7k votes :-)

angry birds said...

hi, i find this blof in nature.com. i like this and i will come back