17 March 2008


I've added a few more individuals in my History Of Science and I've also tried to generate an iCal version of this dataset to display the birth/death dates of all those persons (http://lindenb.integragen.org/xulhistory/history.ical) however there is a bug in this file as the events are not correctly displayed in google-calendar. Does anyone knows why ?

There is now a new beautiful version of freebase but it is a little bit slower and as I want to edit a large number of individual, the procedure takes now too much time for me. I received a kind mail of Robert Cook from metaweb about this problem telling me that they're working on this issue. I also noticed that, just like wikipedia, they are now much more concerned about the origin of the pictures. That's fair but I wish I could add a picture to all those individuals :-) . I could draw them but there would be still a problem of rights :-)

Meanwhile, I've added some infoboxes in wikipedia. I also created a simple web form at http://lindenb.integragen.org/xul4wikipedia/xul4wikipedia.cgi to create on the fly a firefox extension. This add-on will append some custom items in the contextual popup menu when editing an article in wikipedia. Each of those items is used to insert a custom text in the textarea of the edited article, for example you won't have to find, copy and paste your favorite Template:Infobox Person, this template will now be always available in your menu. The source code is available here and is broadly inspired from one of my previous post.


16 March 2008

pubmed xml references to wikipedia ref

I wrote a simple xsl stylesheet which transform the XML output from pubmed to a wikipedia <ref>.
The xsl fle is available here:


I used it with an article about Sir John Robert Vane who discovered the action of aspirin on prostaglandin biosynthesis.

10 March 2008

Custom Search Engine For Bioinformatics

Mostly because I need this every time, I wrote a few "Custom Search" engines for dbSNP, Hapmap and the ICSC Genome Browser. Those engines are available at http://lindenb.integragen.org/opensearch/opensearch.html.