27 October 2010

Coloring a black and white drawing with the GIMP: my notebook

I've been kindly asked to draw a proposal for the cover of http://www.cell.com/immunity (It's just a project and I'm not sure it will be accepted). So, here is my notebook for using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to colorize a black and white drawing. Foreword:: just like everybody: I do hate gimp.

The Original Drawing

Scan the original drawing at 600dpi. Open it as a ".xcf" color image (the native file format of the Gimp).
(Image stored on OpenWetWare )

Wash Tint

Create a new layer with a white background under the original source (mode = multiply) and fill the shapes . The visible top layer is displayed over the layer to see the strokes.


Add a new transparent layer (mode = normal ) and create a radial gradient (transparent-black) from the nucleus to the side of the sheet. Use the eraser to highlight the pyramid-shaped proteins.


Create a new transparent layer (mode = normal ) and use the airbrushes to draw some shadows.

Merge the layers

Et voila !

That's it,



rvidal said...

Wow, I'm really impressed at various levels. You have great artistic talent and you have amazing patience to do all that editing/coloring in gimp. I hope it gets accepted or included in one of the articles.

Pierre Lindenbaum said...

Thank you Ricardo :-)

Unknown said...

Make it a T-Shirt on Zotero and you have a buyer ;-)

P.S.: I simply love gimp.