06 August 2010

A MediaWiki extension displaying the UCSC Genome Browser

Today I wrote an extension for mediawiki displaying an HTML <iframe/> to the UCSC Genome Browser. This extension will help my colleagues to annotate some candidate genes threw our local wiki.

This extension handles a new tag <ucsciframe> composed of three required parameters: 'chrom', 'start' and 'end'.

For example
<ucsciframe chrom="chr2" start="98987" end="9879899"/>
The source code for this extension is available at:and its documentation is available on www.mediawiki.org.

That's it !


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great simple extension, thank you!
For those wondering, it is very easy to be modified to be used for GMOD GBrowse as well.
For this I basically only had to change the url + formatting in myRenderUcscIFrame