03 August 2010

Curvilnear perspective

I've always been fascinated by Albert Flocon's book about Curvilinear Perspective.

I started the article in the french wikipedia and I've searched for a long time how to generate those figures. The solution was rather simple simple: For a point with the 3D coordinates:
. Then, in a curvilinear perspective
dist=sqrt(x1^2 + y1^2 + z1^2)

I can now generate my own drawings! :-)

Using a curvilinear perspective...
... or using a classical vanishing point.

That's it,


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Fausto Baiocco said...

See my blog, if you want, please. http://descrittiva1.blogspot.it/2004/05/le-proiezioni-curvilinee-1-elementi.html. I want implement it into 3 months. Scuse my inglish. Hello