22 November 2008

A Web Service for ONSolubility.

This post is about the ONSolubility project (For references search FriendFeed for Solubility). This post is about how I've used Egon's code to create a web service to query the data of solubility. Egon has already done a great job by using the google java spreasheet API to download Jean-Claude's Solubility data. On his side, Rajarshi Guha wrote an HTML page querying those data using the Google Query-API. Here I show how I have created a webservice searching for the measurements based on their solvent/solute/concentration.

Server Side


I've added some JAXB(Java Architecture for XML Binding) annotations to Egon's Measurement.java. Those annotations help the web-service compiler (wsgen) to understand how the data will be transmitted to the client.
@javax.xml.bind.annotation .XmlRootElement(name="Measurement")
public class Measurement
implements Serializable

Then we create the WebService ONService.java. This service is just a java class containing also a few annotations. First we flag the class as a webservice:
public class ONService
Then comes the function seach provided by this service. This function will download the data from google using Egon's API and will return a collection of Measurement based on their solute/solvent/concentration. Again the java annotations will help the compiler to implement the service
public List search(
@WebParam(name="solute")String solute,
@WebParam(name="solvent")String solvent,
@WebParam(name="concMin")Double concMin,
@WebParam(name="concMax")Double concMax
) throws Exception
. The web service is launched with only 3 lines of code (!).
ONService service=new ONService();
Endpoint endpoint = Endpoint.create(service);


I've create a ant file invoking wsgen generating the stubs and installing the webservice. Here is the ouput
[javac] Compiling 1 source file to /home/pierre/tmp/onssolubility/ons.solubility.data/bin
[wsgen] command line: wsgen -classpath (...) -verbose ons.solubility.ws.ONService
[wsgen] Note: ap round: 1
[wsgen] [ProcessedMethods Class: ons.solubility.ws.ONService]
[wsgen] [should process method: search hasWebMethods: true ]
[wsgen] [endpointReferencesInterface: false]
[wsgen] [declaring class has WebSevice: true]
[wsgen] [returning: true]
[wsgen] [WrapperGen - method: search(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.Double,java.lang.Double)]
[wsgen] [method.getDeclaringType(): ons.solubility.ws.ONService]
[wsgen] [requestWrapper: ons.solubility.ws.jaxws.Search]
[wsgen] [should process method: main hasWebMethods: true ]
[wsgen] [webMethod == null]
[wsgen] [ProcessedMethods Class: java.lang.Object]
[wsgen] ons/solubility/ws/jaxws/ExceptionBean.java
[wsgen] ons/solubility/ws/jaxws/Search.java
[wsgen] ons/solubility/ws/jaxws/SearchResponse.java
[wsgen] Note: ap round: 2

[java] Publishing Service on http://localhost:8080/onsolubility?WSDL
And... that's it. When I open my browser on http://localhost:8080/onsolubility?WSDL , I can now see the WSDL description/schema of this service.

Client Side

Writing a client using this api looks the same way I did for a previous post about the IntAct/EBI API where the wsimport command generated the stubs from the WSDL file. I then wrote a simple test ONServiceTest.java, invoking our service several times.
private void test(
String solute,
String solvent,
Double concMin,
Double concMax)
Ons service=new Ons();
Onsolubility port=service.getOnsolubilityPort();
List data=port.search(solute, solvent, concMin, concMax);

for(Measurement measure:data)
" sample :\t"+measure.getSample()+"\n"+
" solute :\t"+measure.getSolute()+"\n"+
" solvent :\t"+measure.getSolvent()+"\n"+
" experiment:\t"+measure.getExperiment()+"\n"+
" reference :\t"+measure.getReference()+"\n"+
" conc :\t"+measure.getConcentration()+"\n"
} catch(Throwable err)

private void test()
Here is the output
ant test-webservice
Buildfile: build.xml
[wsimport] parsing WSDL...
[wsimport] generating code...
[javac] Compiling 1 source file to onssolubility/ons.solubility.data/bin
[java] ##Searching solute: null solvent: null conc: null-null
[java] sample : 9
[java] solute : D-Glucose
[java] solvent : THF
[java] experiment: 1
[java] reference : http://onschallenge.wikispaces.com/JennyHale-1
[java] conc : 0.00222
[java] sample : 6
[java] solute : D-Mannitol
[java] solvent : Methanol
[java] experiment: 1
[java] reference : http://onschallenge.wikispaces.com/JennyHale-1
[java] conc : 0.00548
[java] sample : 10
[java] solute : D-Mannitol
[java] solvent : THF
[java] experiment: 1
[java] reference : http://onschallenge.wikispaces.com/JennyHale-1
[java] conc : 0.01098
[java] ##Searching solute: 4-nitrobenzaldehyde solvent: null conc: 0.3-0.4
[java] sample : 2b
[java] solute : 4-nitrobenzaldehyde
[java] solvent : Methanol
[java] experiment: 212
[java] reference : http://usefulchem.wikispaces.com/exp212
[java] conc : 0.38

That's it and that's enough code for the week-end.


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