19 July 2007

Scifoo 07: anxiety from a homebody

I'm arriving at SFO 22H00 on the 2nd and to SFO on the 6th 10H15.

See you there ! :-)



Anonymous said...

Pierre ... I am still in splits. This is hilarious. I presume you drew everything yourself. That's not fair. One man is not allowed to be this talented.

By the way some of the images are a wee bit clipped on the right.

Pedro Beltrao said...

I am still laughing :) very cool.

Ani said...

Heheheh, did you draw them?
PZ Myers... hmmm how about with Dawkins :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pierre,

These are great. Photocopied java in nutshell - I think Tim would be flattered that you had spent enough time at the photocopier to reproduce the entire book.

I, on the other hand, am flattered to be included in the list of people that would be a nightmare for you not to recognise.

Unknown said...

*ROFL* I don't get the duck thing ... maybe the missing duck is doing the BLAST search for the whole genome ;-)

Pierre Lindenbaum said...

as I said on my drawing, the idea was from Gary Larson:

See this picture with the following legend "Suddenly professor Leibowitz discovered, that he forgot to bring his duck to the seminar

LaBlogga said...

I'm bringing my duck :) Great cartoons!!