14 June 2007

What should I present at SciFoo 07 ?

My beloved boss told me: "I'm ok with paying your trip to San Francisco if you make a presentation at your conference".
This would be my most expensive talk :-) . But what subject should I present ? Some suggestions have already been posted on the wiki but I wonder what could be of interest from me to all those already talented campers ? Any idea(s) ?


Pedro Beltrão said...

What about some SNPs stuff and/or some semantic web thing :)

I thought the wiki was protected. At least last year I though it was. It still looks the same :).

Pierre Lindenbaum said...

Thanks for the suggestion Pedro. But I'm afraid I'm not a specialist in both subjects :-)

Deepak said...

I think given your industry background and interests, I would love to get a sense from you on how certain paradigms can facilitate better development of treatments and diagnostics, i.e. a non-academic perspective.

Eric said...

"How to get scientists to share data and results" would be another interesting (and as far as I am concerned also quite important) topic. You could review the current situation, including some failed and ongoing efforts, and then challenge the smart people who are attending to come up with new solutions :-)