26 June 2007

Interviews in SciView

In a recent post in NodalPoint, Paulo Nuin wrote a call for participation for his interviews in SciView. Here below are the questions I would suggest. I will try to submit this interview as soon I'll have time for this...

  • Profile

    • Whatever can be used to fill a FOAF profile at the end: name , homepage, dc:subject, web accounts, image url, geo-location, etc , etc...

  • Questions copied from Nature-Lifelines

    • What was your first experience as a child ?

    • Whose graduate student would you most like to have been (historical impossibility notwithstanding) ?

    • What single scientific paper or talk changed your carreer path ?

    • What book has been most infuential in your scientific carreer ?

    • What gives you the most job statisfaction now ?

    • What are your major frustrations ?

    • What is your favourite conference destination and why ?

    • What was the worst/most memorable comment you ever received from a referee ?

    • What book is currently on your beside table ?

    • The internet is the bane of scientists'lives because... ?

    • What do you do to relax ?

    • Please, tell us more about the theory, practice and etiquette of knitting during lab meetings. How many stitches/garment have you raked up during meetings in your career as a scientist ?

    • What would you have become, if not a scientist ?

    • What single discovery, invention or innovation would most improve your life ?

    • Do you have a burning ambition to do or learn something of no practical or immediate value ?

    • What is the most interesting thing in your fridge ?

    • Why is physics to hard ?

    • What music would you have played at your funeral ?

    • What's just around the corner ?

    • What would you have written on your gravestone ?

  • The questions that Bernard Pivot always asked his guests in the great French television series, Bouillon de Culture. Some of the finest intellectual minds in the world have responded to them.

    • What is your favorite word ?

    • What is your least favorite word ?

    • What turns you on, excites, or inspires you creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

    • What turns you off ?

    • What sound or noise do you love ?

    • What sound or noise do you hate ?

    • What is your favorite curse word ?

    • What profession would you absolutely not like to participate in ?

    • If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates ?

  • Questions from Scifoo

    • 5 words or phrases that describe your interests and expertise

    • 5 people we should interview next time (not necessarily bioinformaticians)

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