11 June 2007

Nature Scintilla

just like Deepak, I've received an invitation from Euan Adie (thanks Euan) to join the new service from Nature http://scintilla.nature.com/.

Scintilla collects data from hundreds of news outlets, scientific blogs, journals and databases and then makes it easy for you to organize, share and discover exactly the type of information that you're interested in.

For example, you can keep track of life science podcasts, or the latest papers on schizophrenia, DNA methylation or immunology. Interested in physics blogs? Scintilla can help.

Euan is already the author of www.postgenomic.com and the two tools seem to have an identical function at first glance. This also reminds me Aggademia, a tool created and tested by Alf Eaton a year ago.

I just had on overview of this tool but I already I found it interesting to add a pubmed query in my collection of sources. The service is distinct from Connotea and network.nature.com but with those three tools you can create a group, send some invitations (people around me are annoyed with all my invitations) and I hope all of this will be merged in the future.

Shall I use this tool ? I don't know. I already use google-reader , technorati , etc.. to handles my resources, just tell me why I should change.

Science Magazine ? Science Magazine ? Where are you ?


1 comment:

Christina said...

Science is published by a non-profit society. I would be surprised if they could front the cash to keep up with NPG a for-profit subsidiary of Macmillan. Don't forget, there's also DissectMedicine (which hasn't taken off).