14 June 2007

Bioinformatics as a Recreation

How can I find a laboratory looking for a small but useful piece of software I would write after work instead of loosing my time in watching TV ? I promise, I just want my name at the 876th position in the authors list :-)


Animesh Sharma said...

Why not join some OSS like Bioclipse or Taverna or any one from the http://sourceforge.net/search/index.php?words=bioinformatics&sort=percentile&sortdir=desc&offset=0&type_of_search=soft&pmode=0&form_cat=18 based on your interest. Or may be help people like Prof. Peter Karp [http://www.ai.sri.com/pkarp/] who is looking for people[ http://www.nodalpoint.org/2007/05/31/google_metabolic_maps#comment-3627 ] to work on the excellent tool called BioCyc [http://www.ai.sri.com/project/biocyc].

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Egon Willighagen said...

Pierre, if you could give me some keywords in the subjects you are interesting in... then I could more easily suggest something... Things that come directly to mind, though, are userscripts.

And indeed, help in the bioinfo section for Bioclipse would be much appreciated... for example, if interested in webservices (done better than SOAP), I know some paper-quality research where you could help out, due to man power problems. Bioclipse has people from Cambridge, Cologne, Uppsala and others involved... plenty of options in molecular life sciences here...

Egon Willighagen said...

Pierre, one more idea... I was just reading Bio::Blogs which features your cool NN/SVG thingy. What about doing the same for BioMeta/KEGG?

I challenge you to rewrite the code to depict images of metabolites (from PubChem) of a metabolic pathway (KEGG or better even BioMeta).

Beer for you if you make that opensource.