31 December 2010

Translating a DNA to a Protein using server-side javascript and C: my notebook

In my previous post , I used Node.js to translate a DNA to a protein on the Server-side, using javascript. In the following post, I again will translate a DNAn but this time by calling a specialized C program on the server side.

Source code

The C program

The C program reads a DNA string from stdin a translate it using the standard genetic code:
gcc -o /my/bin/path/translate translate.c

The Node.js script

When the Node.js server receive a DNA parameter, it spawns a new process to the C program and we write the DNA to this process via 'stdin'.
Each time a new 'data' event (containing the protein) is received, it is printed to the http response. At the end of the process, we close the stream by calling 'end()'.


> node-v0.2.5/node translate.js
Server running at


That's it,


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