31 December 2010

Server-side javascript: translating a DNA with Node.js

(wikipedia) Node.js is an evented I/O framework for the V8 JavaScript engine on Unix-like platforms. It is intended for writing scalable (javascript-based) network programs such as web servers.

In the following post I will create a javascript server translating a DNA to a protein.

Installing Node.js

I've downloaded the sources for Node.js from http://nodejs.org/#download. It compiled (configure+make) and ran without any problem.

The script

The following script contains a class handling a GeneticCode and the server TranslateDna translating the DNA to a protein, it handles both the POST and the GET http methods. It no parameter is found it displays a simple HTML form, else the form data are decoded and the DNA is translated. The protein is returned as a JSON structure.

Running the server

> node-v0.2.5/node translate.js
Server running at


> curl "http://localhost:8080/"
<html><body><form action="/" method="GET"><h1>DNA</h1><textarea name="dna"></textarea><br/><input type="submit" value="Submit"></form></body></html>

> curl "http://localhost:8080/?dna=ATGAACTATCGATGCTACGACTGATCG"

That's it,


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Yar said...


Can node.js be used to find bone marrow transplant donors from complete human genomes databases on AWS?

Or are we better off using
c/c++/java/python/ruby ?

Are there existing libraries ?