13 December 2010

A new journal: BMC Open Research Computation #OpenResComp

Citing ''Aims & scope'':Open Research Computation publishes peer reviewed articles that describe the development, capacities, and uses of software designed for use by researchers in any field.

Submissions relating to software for use in any area of research are welcome as are articles dealing with algorithms, useful code snippets, as well as large applications or web services, and libraries.

Open Research Computation differs from other journals with a software focus in its requirement for the software source code to be made available under an Open Source Initiative compliant license, and in its assessment of the quality of documentation and testing of the software.

In addition to articles describing software Open Research Computation also welcomes submissions that review or describe developments relating to software based tools for research. These include, but are not limited to, reviews or proposals for standards, discussion of best practice in research software development, educational and support resources and tools for researchers that develop or use software based tools.

See also the insights from Cameron Neylon, Jan Aerts, Neil 10K Saunders ...


giovanni said...

this journal has a nice Editorial board, most of the bioinformaticians that I esteem the most are there.

Hopefully that will be the place where the paper to present biostar will be submitted? :-)

Egon Willighagen said...

@Giovanni... The BioStar software is not open source... that might be a problem, not?

Titus Brown said...

Drop me a note and I'll propose it to the ed board. BioStar is a great example of trying to build an online community around responsible computing... should be something we're interested in.