17 May 2007

Wilkinson's "The Declaration of Semantic Web Independence"

Mark Wilkison has posted a :

Declaration of Semantic Web Independence

For more details see: ttp://biordf.org/wilkinsonlab/index.php/all/2007/05/17/semantic_declaration_of_independence

  1. Ontologies are a path to a goal, not the goal itself.
    • Ontologies are World Views
    • World Views are Hypotheses
    • Hypotheses are Queries
    • Queries are Disposable
    • Therefore Ontologies are (should be) Disposable!

  2. Reasoning is your problem, not mine!

  3. LSIDs provide a great way of solving the ontology-segmentation problem

  4. Ontological predicates can be thought of as, and mapped to, Web Service

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