10 May 2007

SciFoo 2007

I've just received an invitation to attend SciFoo 2007. Whaaaaa ! Thank you Timo ! I'm deeply honored and I've got a swollen head ! I was not able to come last year (I would have dreamed to meet Scott McLoud) and I still don't know if I can afford to go there for just three days but I should take my decision in the very next days. I’m also a little intimidated and I fear I'll be an unintelligible shy unsociable fake french idiot among all those famous smart persons.


PS: Anybody knows what came out from SciFoo last year ?


Pedro Beltrao said...

You should go. It was a bit intimidating but It was also great :).
I think that there were concrete follow ups from the meeting but I don't know were I read it now. In any case, for me, just getting to meet some of the people there was already a huge benefit.

Neil said...

Congratulations! I hope you get to go. Don't be intimidated - just avoid all those so-called rockstars of the science blog world and network with the people doing the work.