31 May 2007

Google Developer Day France 2007

Today, I attended the french session of the Google Developer Day at Paris. Most of the conference dealt with the 33 (!) google APIs , mashups and the last (and most interesting) was about the google web toolkit. The place was full of testosterone and, sorry, nothing about science (scholar...).

Patrick Chenzon made a general introduction about the google APIs. He also wrote a short demo on how to create a mashup with the map API.

Gears was introduced (the buzz word of the day) with a demo using reader.google.com

David Aubespin talked about the google gadget. (I've already used this technology with pubmed , see google-gadget-for-bioinformatics.html)
There is now a scratchpad to edit and test your gadget. We also had a presentation about the new gadget system now used within google maps: mapplets. For example my NCBI gadget could be modified to extract the content of the <Affiliation> tag, getting the latitude and longitude of this address and display it on the map.

Jean François Wassong talked about the google map API. There is also a new tool , the Mashup Editor an AJAX development framework and a set of tools that enable developers to quickly and easily create simple web applications and mashups with Google services like Google Maps and Google Base.

For the last talk Didier Girard spoked about the google web toolkit. He created example on how to create an AJAX based interface using the GWT, he also used GWT Designer to design the graphical interface.



Pedro Beltrão said...

Was this hands on ? Did you try for example the mashup editor ?

Pierre Lindenbaum said...

No I just saw the presentations.
About the "mashup editor" it just looked like to a "Paste the data from your favorite spreadsheet program in this text area and click OK"

bioinformatics said...

Hi Pierre,

Glad to see that I was not only people interested in Bioinformatics at the "Google Developer Day France 2007" .

For information I also try to play with Google stuff instead of watching TV. I tried to create Google map views and Google earth views related to Bioinformatics jobs, events, degrees and laboratories. You can check on www.bioinformatics.fr.
And If you have time for some contributions you are very welcome.