23 January 2007

Nature Network Reloaded

Nature Network Boston(NNB) is a networking tool for scientists in the Boston area. It was created last year and I was little bit disappointed when I compared it to www.linkedin.com or www.openbc/xing.com.

Today I received this mail from NNB:

Thank you for setting up the Bioinformatics and Semantic Web groups on Nature Network Boston. I know it's been a while, but I finally have news about the website to report.

At the end of February/early March, Nature Network Boston will become part of a new website called Nature Network, which will be global in scope so we will be inviting scientists from all over the world to use the site. NNB will become a local channel within Nature Network (with local news and events).

Groups will still be there. On Nature Network, they will be labeled as either global or local (Boston-based) in scope. When we go live with Nature Network, all existing groups on NNB will, by default, be labeled a Boston group.

The other new thing going live in early March: each group will get its own discussion forum, so that group members can post messages and respond to each other. I'll send you another email in a few weeks with more details about how to be a moderator in your group forums.

Great ! I'm impatient to see this :-)

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