22 January 2007

Launch of BMC Systems Biology

BMC Systems Biology, the first open access journal focussed solely on the entire emerging subject of systems biology, has just published its first articles.


Pedro Beltrão said...

Actually, it is the second open access journal for systems biology :) . Molecular Systems Biology is open access too (even if it is a Nature title). It is also going to move soon to a Creative Commons license.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pedro,

I can explain the claim that BMC Systems Biology is the first fully open access journal for *all* of systems biology. Synthetic and Systems Biology is only Open Choice (not open access), and Molecular Systems Biology's scope doesn't include all biological systems, only molecular and cellular systems. At BMC Systems Biology we're explicitly accepting submissions at any scale, from molecules up to ecosystems. The idea of Systems Biology is the integration of disparate fields, scales and data as much as mathematical modelling.



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