23 January 2007

Create your Visualizations with IBM's Many Eyes

Many Eyes is a new social tool from IBM used to create a custom dynamic visualization (bar chart,treemap, block histogram, bubble chart, line graph, network diagram, pie, scatterplot, stack, GIS ...) charts from your data. The graphics are plotted via a java applet. I've tested it using the snp data from the UCSC: for example, I've running the following query in the snp table:
select chrom as "chromosome",molType,class ,func as "function",avg(avHet),min(avHet),max(avHet),count(*) as "count" from snp126 where avHet>0 and valid!="unknown" group by chrom,molType,class,func

which group the snps features by chromosome, class ,etc... and I've displayed it as a treemap using Many Eyes


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