06 November 2009

My PDFs anywhere.

A short post: I was asked to write a web server to allow people access their PDFs when they are away from the laboratory. People enter a Doi, a PMID or the URL of the page and the system tries to retrieve the PDF using a set of pre-defined patterns (e.g. the PDF of http://www.pnas.org/content/X/Y/Z is http://www.pnas.org/content/X/Y/Z.full.pdf ). This idea was suggested by Chris Miller on FriendFeed. I've also included a Bookmarklet identifying the current page or the text selected and invoking the web server. The server looks like this:

Password required


This bookmarklet will bring up a new window containing the 'fetchpdf' form from any page on the Web:GetPDF

Of course, I cannot give the URL of my server, but the source code is available here:

That's it

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