01 November 2007


I've created a java tool called pubmed2wikipedia: I wrote it to quickly create a new entry for wikipedia.
First, the user select a set of articles about a given subject from pubmed, the software then download, prepare and format the data for a new wikipedia page. For example it creates the 'references' part and suggest the Categories: from the Mesh terms. I've also included a dictionary which recognize some regex patterns to help create a wikipedia internal link.
I first tried to use my own tool to create an entry about NSP3, a viral protein I studied during my PhD but with hundred of articles I felt I was not any more an expert about this protein :-) so I created a small article about another protein: RoXaN.

I hosted this tool on http://code.google.com. It is available at: http://lindenb.googlecode.com/files/pubmed2wikipedia.jar


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