26 October 2007

“Getting Started In…”

In PLOS, today: This month, PLoS Computational Biology and the ISCB begin a series of short, practical articles for students and active researchers who want to learn more about new areas of computational biology and are unsure where or how to start. The aim of each article in the “Getting Started in…” series is to introduce the essentials: define the area and what it is about, highlight the debates and issues of relevance, and provide directions to the most relevant books, articles, or Web sites to find out more...

The first expert to inform, motivate, and inspire readers to consider a new direction is Dr. Xiaole Shirley Liu, who introduces tiling microarrays.

“Getting Started In…”: A Series Not to Miss: PLoS Computational Biology 3 (10), e224 (2007)
Getting Started in Tiling Microarray Analysis : PLoS Computational Biology 3 (10), e183 (2007)

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