23 October 2006

Things about Bioinformatics #1

Hum, too much work , I've not enough time to write some original post on this blog. So, as Deepak Singh did on business|bytes|genes|molecules, I'm also starting a series of post about thing I noticed:

dbSNP: From dbSNP: Users may now query genotypes for 1 or more snps by rs#, chromosome location, or gene Id. SNP properties and populations are specified prior to retrieval. Output includes HTML, XML, Text and HaploView format by population.

Calendar: I've started to use google's calendar and I created a shared one about bioinformatics (mostly for test but I'll try to keep it up to date). Here is its address in XML and in iCal format. (See also: upcoming.org)

Connotea: Ben Lund has created a new (beta) tool for connotea called Notea: Notea is a Firefox Extension for storing and organizing local copies of online works. It optionally integrates with Connotea to allow easy sharing of bookmarks for your locally stored works.

Del.icio.us: from time to time, I synchronize my tagged bookmarks from connotea to del.icio.us (using xslt and curl) . Del.icio.us has a few functionalities that are missing to connotea: discovering sites using the network, suggesting links, tag bundles....

Comics: want to know more about North Korea ? Do read this comics : "Pyongyang: A Journey to North Korea."

Comics: 300, a film based on Frank Miller's graphic novel 300 about the the battle of thermopylae will be in theaters in 2007. The comparison between the book and the movie is astonishing !

The book:

The movie:


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