31 October 2006

Pubmed "Abstract Plus" and Pubmed2connotea

I didn't mention it before, but I've upgraded the greasemonkey script pubmed2connotea for the new "Abstract Plus" format in pubmed. Pubmed2connotea/Pubmed2CiteULike is a Greasemonkey user script which alters the content web
page when browsing your bibliography on NCBI pubmed by inserting
a hyperlink. This new link adds a new bookmark into connotea with the current selected paper.

Update the latest version at http://www.urbigene.com/pubmed2connotea/.


1 comment:

Mad Zientist said...

This small change at lines 115-119

if(getParameter(href,"itool")!=null &&
!(getParameter(href,"itool")=="abstractplus" ||
) continue;

adding the check for Pubmed_DocSum puts the connotea logo on second pages of pubmed searches as well as search pages where number of returned articles is greater than 20... pubmed uses the capitalized version of docsum on those pages..

Cheers and thanks for the Monkey work..