12 April 2006

Windows Live Academic

After NCBI pubmed, Elsevier's scirus and google'sScholar, here is now Microsoft's Academic Live.

(it indexes) content related to computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and related subject areas. Academic search enables you to search for peer reviewed journal articles contained in journal publisher portals and on the web in locations like citeseer.

My first query was "Rotavirus Roxan". It returned no result today on Academic Live whereas I got the correct answers on Scholar. Nevertheless Microsoft's product seems more interactive than google's one.


Razib Ahmed said...

If Microsoft Academic live can bring good results then I am sure that it will get a good market share instantly. Serious people carry out academic searches and they know what they are looking for.

Enro said...

And it's not Mac (Safari)-compatible, at least not with mine!! Well... I can't really say that I am suprised... But anyway, thanks Microsoft ;-)

MsRedSonya said...

Listed in the the "Frequently Asked Questions" at the

Windows Live Academic website

"Currently, users can search content in academic journals in the fields
of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Physics. We will be adding more subject areas in the near future, based on user feedback and demand."

All good things generally come to those who wait.

Or sit and stew.