27 April 2006

April 2006

I've been away from this blog for a few days. Here are a few thoughts:

I've created a project on sourceforge used to store the sources of MyFOAFExplorer and SciFOAF programs. The project is hosted on http://urbigene.sourceforge.net, the sources can be downloaded via CVS, I need to write the documentation (worst part of programming...), I also plan to include the sources of the tools I wrote for connotea.

Scientific FOAF profiles can now use to Benjamin Nowack's "Semantic Campus" using the URI "http://semanticcampus.org/ns/sc#" to introduce themselves. I also found DOAC to describe a carreer.

Nature Journal instroduced OTMI (Open Text Mining Interface), a XML (draft) format describing a paper and that can be used by computers for text-mining. OTMI is trying to expose the information that publishers already have about already published material. I guess this format could be used to get more (structured) information than an abstract of pubmed, but a text analysis still need to be performed. Last year I wrote a note about semantic abstracts: publishers could ask authors to join a RDF-based version of their abstract, the information would be curated by the author and directly available to the community.

I wonder why Science is not as innovative as Nature ?

There is much effervescence around microformats at this time. May be there is something for the bioinformatics community here...

The latest build (36.1/hg18) of the Human Genome has been released on the UCSC genome browser.

Two new products from google: calendar and Sketchup.

That's all for tonight !

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