19 January 2006

MyFOAFExplorer: browse your FOAF network

I'm pleased to introduce my new java applet called MyFOAFExplorer available at http://www.urbigene.com/foafexplorer/.

The FOAF project defines a semantic format based on RDF/XML to define persons or groups, their relationships, as well as their basic properties such as name, e-mail address, subjects of interest , publication, and so on... MyFOAFExplorer was created after SciFOAF in order to browse a scientific network, its publications, its laboratories,... The
program is an applet (JAVA 1.5 is required) that takes as an input a FOAF file. The applet can be downloaded and used for your laboratoy/social network to introduce your staff, your publications,...

The code does not contain a compliant RDF parser (such as JENA), but the way it parses the XML worked fine for my test, so it could be used as a framework to write your own FOAF file.


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Egon Willighagen said...

Hi Pierre,

what's the story behind those Technorati keywords? Do you add them by hand, or does blogspot support them in some way?