13 April 2012

I get mail: result of the contest "Draw a PhD Candidate"

I recently submitted the following illustration for a contest organized by the French University of Nice : "Draw a PHD candidate".

'Draw a PhD' Contest by ~yokofakun on deviantART

and I received the following email today:

De : D. Rauch
Envoyé le : Jeudi 12 avril 2012 21h31
Objet : résultat concours "Dessine-moi un doctorant !"


L’AJC 06  a l’honneur de vous informer que votre œuvre « Gwennan André,
doctorante » a été retenue par le jury du concours « Dessine-moi un doctorant !
» parmi les œuvres gagnantes.

Votre œuvre ayant été classée à la première place dans la catégorie "public",
vous avez gagné un Ipad 2.



The association AJC 06 is proud to inform you that your work titled "Gwennan André,
PhD student " was chosen by the jury of the contest" Draw me a PhD!
"Among the winning entries.

Your work has been ranked in first place in the "public" section, you have won an IPad 2.

Unfortunately I cannot go to Nice next week !!!

I have to renounce and say "goodbye" to this IPAD2 :-((



EDIT: Simple & stupid Google translation of the text:

"Zig-zag path to understanding myself that it was research health that interested me, because this is an area overlooked by leaving the baccalaureate (At least when the secondary school is far from major cities, large research centers and our families are not the domain!). So the first year of medical school. This is where I found my way, I loved to understand the disease but did not want to be in direct contact with the patient. So reorientation IUT biological engineering: essentially the stage "business" of the second year. Two months in a lab search for "Robert Gordon University" in Aberdeen, Scotland history to be quickly immersed in a research lab and into human health in English. Excellent and successful experience: motivation professional found. Then L3 cell biology, physiology and genetics in Rennes and Master of Nantes "Biology Health" search option with a therapeutic internship at the Institute of alternation in the Thorax team Gervaise Loirand.
In 2010, got a scholarship to complete my thesis Ministerial in this team on a project of Vincent Sauzeau. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms underlying vascular disease to better manage diseases often heavy consequences.
Projects after the thesis: do a postdoc abroad to live fully international aspect of the research and see Search elsewhere. Trying to reconcile this with the personal life, something not always evident with extension to these studies, especially for a woman. Then return to do research in France, ideally in a position of Research Fellow in the audience. But it's still very open in my head (private, public, engineer ... to see according to experience and opportinities in 5 years ...!)


Bjoern Brembs said...

Congratulations! It's really a great illustration! Too bad you can't go and get the prize!

psique said...

A great picture, congratulations! Can't they send you the iPad? Just one minor issue, is she not wearing gloves in the lab?

Pierre Lindenbaum said...

no I should have been present at the ceremony :-) and yes, she's wearing her gloves :-)

Candy Swift said...

That's a great illustration.