05 January 2012

The Variation Toolkit

During the last weeks, I've worked on an experimental C++ package named The Variation Toolkit (varkit). It was originally designed to provide some command lines equivalent to knime4bio but I've added more tools over time. Some of those tools are very simple-and-stupid ( fasta2tsv) , reinvent the wheel ("numericsplit"), are part of an answer to biostar, are some old tools (e.g. bam2wig) that have been moved to this package, but some others like "samplepersnp", "groupbygene" might be useful to people.
The package is available at : http://code.google.com/p/variationtoolkit/.

Here is the current documentation (05 Jan 2012):

That's it,


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土行孙 said...

Thanks a bunch for backlocate and groubygene!