15 July 2011

I can't save you, but I can help you: reverse-complementing a DNA in OpenOffice

People in my lab are using "Microsoft Word" to edit and annotate their sequences. Just like Neil, I can't save them but I can help them: here is an OpenOffice / LibreOffice macro reverse-complementing the current selected text.

  • open libreoffice/openoffice
  • Open menu "Tools / Macros / Organize macros / Basic...
  • Select "My Macros/Standard" and click on "New"
  • Copy+paste my macro here
  • Click on the top button "compile"
  • Close the dialog
  • Menu "Tools/Customize" , "Keyboard" tab, "Toolbar content" . Button "Add... " / Category "Libre Office Macros" . Select "My Macro/Standard/Modulexxx"/ReverseComplementSelection". Click on "Modify" to assign an icon to this new button
  • There is now a new button in the toolbar. Clicking on that button reverse-complements the selected text.

That's it,


PS: Hum ? what did you say, they use Microsoft Word ? Not OpenOffice ? pfff....

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Daniel Standage said...

Just saw a new paper today (www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2105/13/124/abstract) and it made me think of this post. Kind of sad...