13 June 2011

XSLT+SVG= "It Came from Outer Space" (anaglyphs)

"It Came from Outer Space", Universal's first film to be filmed in 3-D.

Just like with the "Gimp", Inkscape , a SVG editor, can manage some layers:
Each layer will appear in the SVG document as an element svg:g with an attribute: inkscape:groupmode="layer" under the root element svg:svg. I've written a XSLT stylesheet that converts the SVG image to an Anaglyph image. The stylesheet is available on github at: . For each layer it creates a new SVG filter that will split the layer into a red and a blue image.


The original SVG picture:

After processing with the XSLT stylesheet:

SVG Source:

SVG Result:

That's it,


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