11 June 2009

A RDF Editor for Media wiki (draft)

(This page was copied from the article I started on mediawiki.org)
I've created an applet that can be used as a RDF editor for mediawiki, the wiki engine for Wikipedia. (This is mainly a proof-of-concept, I don't know if I'm going to use this system myself) The XML/RDF syntax of the document is checked and it is validated against a ~RDFS schema. This method was inspired from the one described in the article "Add Java extensions to your wiki".

On opening, the java applet is opened, and the user write a XML/RDF document in an input area.

The syntax of XML/RDF is checked. The document is also validated vs a schema localized in ${MW}/mwrdf/schema.rdf. If there is an error, a message is displayed and the 'Save Button' is disabled.

Once the document is saved, it is displayed as a <PRE> section.
Categories are bound to "mwrdf/shema.rdf and are automatically added.

and the RDF document can then be retrieved with the Mediawiki API.


  • Install the java JRE (version > 1.6)
  • The MediaWiki API must be enabled for action=query
  • append the following code at the end of ${MW}/LocalSettings.php
  • download mwrdf.zip' from http://code.google.com/p/lindenb/downloads/list
  • unzip the file mwrdf.zip in ${MW}
  • edit the schema mwrdf/schema.rdf (TODO, describe the Schema for ... the schema... :-) )

That's it.


Egon Willighagen said...

How does this relate to RDF-enabled MediaWikis, like Semantic MediaWiki?

Pierre Lindenbaum said...

Egon, there is the constraint of a schema here, and the RDF/XML tree is already accessible. Moreover, I really just wanted to edit RDF (with features like xml:lang, rdf:dataType, rdf:parseType).