19 February 2009

I get email

Dear Dr. Pierre Lindenbaum,

We are great fun of your blog and inspired several times by your ideas!

We, the Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS) in Japan, had been working on the standardization and integration of bioinformatics resources, and organized a BioHackathon meeting last year in Japan.

Recently, we decided to organize the 2nd hackathon that is more focused on end-user clients and mash-up of the existing services (to fully utilize the effort made by previous hackathon).

For this purpose, we think your insight is invaluable for fruitful discussions, therefore, I'd like to invite you to the BioHackathon 2009, which will be held in Tokyo and Okinawa (Southern-most island in Japan) from March 15th to 21th, 2009.

We will cover all the expenses for your flights and accommodations.

Please let me know if your schedule is available for the week.

Thanks in advance.

Wooooooooooooooooooooo !!! :-)

You know what ?

but... ;-)

1 comment:

Paul Guermonprez said...

trop la classe internationale.
la je dois dire qu'au niveau deplacements sympas je suis battu !

have fun.