05 November 2008

IBM many eyes wikified.

I've just received my invitation to test the wikified version of ManyEyes.

(see my old post about ManyEyes [here]). This wikified version is really cool. Your data are edited in a wiki. For example I've downloaded a count of the snps on the human genome from the UCSC:
mysql --user=genome --host=genome-mysql.cse.ucsc.edu -A -D hg18 -e 'select chrom,(ROUND(chromStart/1E6)*1E6) as position ,count(*) as total from snp129 group by chrom,position'
and copied the data in the wiki. (I could not preview the page)

To create a visualization about a given page, you just add a colon ':' after the name of the data page followed by the name of your visualization. Your browser is then redirected to a new wiki page where you'll build a new visualization.

(hum... back to the data page, I could not see any link to the visualization )

Really nice !

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