09 October 2008

What is in a list of SNP ? Again, but a GUI.

In a previous post I described how I generated some wrappers in java to map the tables of the mysql database at the UCSC, and I wrote a tool to get the data about a set of snp (cytoband, genes, hapmap...). Today I was asked if I could transform this application into a GUI (the fear of the infamous command line.. again...)

That was straightforward to embed my code into an interactive software. I just transformed it into a java webstart application available here:

About SNP

The source code is available here.

The "mysql source" is the mysql anonymous server of the UCSC (hg18). If any, you can also select a local mysql database from the combo menu (host=localhost login=anonymous password={empty} db=hg18). There is a quota, don't play with thousand of thousand of markers, people at UCSC may not like this, so use it at your own risk.

In case of a mysql error: the problem may comes from your firewall.

Just upload a list of SNP and then press "Fetch info to File...". This tool is not multithreaded so the window may seems frozen when the data are downloaded.

That's it

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