02 September 2008

Ubiquity: Arf-arf ! smooch ! Achoo! Wee Woo !

Ok, after a few others (Pawel, Thomas Lemberger, Egon, )I've succumbed to Mozilla Ubiquity, an experimental Firefox extension that (they say) gives you a powerful way to interact with the Web. The following useless script comics inserts a speech balloon using the font samples from http://www.dafont.com/

name: "comics",
author: { name: "Pierre Lindenbaum", email: "plindenbaum@yahoo.fr"},
description: "Comics",
takes: {"Your text": noun_arb_text},
help: "Insert a speech balloon with a comic font ",

preview: function( pblock, theShout ) {
var msg = "Inserts a speech balloon : (<i>"+ theShout.summary+"</i>)";
pblock.innerHTML = CmdUtils.renderTemplate( msg );

execute: function(theShout) {
"<img src=\'http://img.dafont.com/preview.php?text=" +

It worked fine with GMail !

Update: The script is available here.


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