17 March 2008


I've added a few more individuals in my History Of Science and I've also tried to generate an iCal version of this dataset to display the birth/death dates of all those persons (http://lindenb.integragen.org/xulhistory/history.ical) however there is a bug in this file as the events are not correctly displayed in google-calendar. Does anyone knows why ?

There is now a new beautiful version of freebase but it is a little bit slower and as I want to edit a large number of individual, the procedure takes now too much time for me. I received a kind mail of Robert Cook from metaweb about this problem telling me that they're working on this issue. I also noticed that, just like wikipedia, they are now much more concerned about the origin of the pictures. That's fair but I wish I could add a picture to all those individuals :-) . I could draw them but there would be still a problem of rights :-)

Meanwhile, I've added some infoboxes in wikipedia. I also created a simple web form at http://lindenb.integragen.org/xul4wikipedia/xul4wikipedia.cgi to create on the fly a firefox extension. This add-on will append some custom items in the contextual popup menu when editing an article in wikipedia. Each of those items is used to insert a custom text in the textarea of the edited article, for example you won't have to find, copy and paste your favorite Template:Infobox Person, this template will now be always available in your menu. The source code is available here and is broadly inspired from one of my previous post.


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