17 January 2008

Thomson scientific launches www.researcherid.com


Thomson scientific launches researcher id.com to associate a researcher with their published works:

Unique Identifier Ensures An Accurate Record Of A Researcher’s Output And Attribution and Builds a World-class Author Community

Researcher ID is a global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community. Each researcher listed is assigned a unique identifier, to aid in solving the common problem of author misidentification. Search the registry to find citations, collaborators, and more.

see also: http://scientific.thomson.com/press/2008/8429910/


1 comment:

Egon Willighagen said...

Quite interesting... I filed two bug reports against WoS just the other week... that must have gotten them thinking... I mean, "WILLIGHAGEN E*", if they can't even get that right... then they surely need researcher IDs :)