06 December 2007

Google Chart API Launched

Today Google the Google Chart API a simple URL based tool for creating charts and graphs for websites.

For example the following url:

chco=ff0000,00ff00,0000ff /* colors */
&cht=p3 /* Chart Type= Pie */
&chd=t:1,2,3,4 /* Values */
&chs=400x200 /* Dimension */
&chl=Nature|PNAS|Science|EMBO|Virology /* LABELS */

will display this image:


1 comment:

Andrew Perry said...

Looks like it could come in handy at some stage ... and the RESTful interface means it would be easy for others to copy, meaning if Google decides to discontinue their service in the future (it has happened before .. like the SOAP interface to search results), the chart.apis.google.com part of the URL can be just rewritten to the new service.

(It's funny that the first thing I think about when discovering a new web service these days is "Should I become reliant on this, or is there a risk it will be discontinued too soon in the future ?")