02 September 2007

I did it again

Okay, In a previous post I said that "I would not spam the Nature Network with the data collected from the NCBI" using the batch invitations, but this was before it was possible to add a custom message with the single invitations. The desire to test the method was too strong and I sent more than 2700 personalized invitations ("....as you published an article titled xxxx in 2003 in Bioinformatics...") to join bioformatics group. The number of members jumped to more than 300 persons in 3 weeks.... Corie then asked me kindly but strongly to "not do to this again...". Oups.... :-)

By the way, I also created a group called History Of Science where I asked for a structured source of data about History.



Pedro Beltrão said...

Not very nice ;).

Pierre Lindenbaum said...

SHAME ! SHAME ! SHAME on me !!!