12 April 2007

Web2.0 and Science: A Presentation using SLIDY

(via Sun)Slidy is a purely web based presentation tool that can be displayed in a modern browser. No need to mail slides around the world and clutter email boxes, no need for the recipient to download a huge binary: just send someone a URL to your slide..

I've tested Slidy tonight by writing a short presentation about my thoughts on the web2.0 and science. You can read this presentation at:


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Anonymous said...

Pierre, yes, Slidy is great for preparing presentations - the only downside is the cut&paste of images - the old problem with non-wysiwyg stuff. It's not so much a problem of quality but of the speed of getting things done.
I take the freedom to point to an older blog item of mine with information on HTML-Slidy and mathematical formulae, which might be of interest for your as another bioinf person :-)

Cheers, Chris