20 June 2006

Videos, Presentations & Pubmed.

Science Online Seminars: offers a series of online seminars on top life science research papers published in Science: as an example, see Examining Natural Selection in Humans by Stephen S. Schaffner and Pardis C. Sabeti, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

BTW I found many videos related to bioinformatics & IT on google videos at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=engEDU. For example The Next Fifty Years of Science, Wikipedia and MediaWiki, A Brief Introduction to Computational Problems in Haplotype Inference, etc..., etc...

NCBI PubMed: AbstractPlus is now available from the Display pull-down menu. AbstractPlus is an enhanced Abstract view that automatically shows the first 5 Related Articles for each PubMed citation.

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Anonymous said...

Just to tell you that your GM script pubmed2connotea (or pubmed2CiteULike) doesn't add the link on the abstractplus pages. Can you think about a simple workaround to adress that ?
- Christophe Leterrier