23 February 2006

Social Software at nature.com

While I looked at the new members in my LinkedIn network, I discovered that Nature Publishing employed a new "Product development manager for social software at nature.com". Nature has already created Connotea (Hi Timo!) but we may expect new social products from them ?


Timo Hannay said...

Hi Pierre!

Yes, we're very interested in social software. It's the web so we'd be crazy not to be, wouldn't we? ;) Gavin and others are hard at work -- watch this space.

Pedro Beltrão said...

I said it before, the more the journals invest on sticky products the more readership will increase (and the impact). If we think of science journals just as content then they become just another web portal and you can almost predict their moves by looking at yahoo :). In this respect Nature has always been ahead of the rest. The measure of impact will tend to shift and my feeling is that the stronger the online presence the stronger the impact in the very near future.