08 December 2005

People from semantic web in life science

This week, there where numerous mails from people introducing themselves on the 'semantic web in life science' mailing list. A wiki page of those people was created, but I also suggested to use connotea or O'Reilly Connections. This could be used for any kind of scientific/IT social network. Here is a copy

Connotea is a free online reference management service. It allows you to save links to all your favourite articles, references, websites and other online resources with one click. Connotea is also a social bookmarking tool, so you can view other people's collections to discover new, interesting content. A group about semantic web in life science was created by Eric Jain. Papers and references about semantic web can be found using http://www.connotea.org/group/semweb-lifesci/tag/semantic%20web.
If you want to introduce yourseld use connotea the following way:

  1. register on connotea

  2. register to the group semweb-lifesci

  3. add a new bookmarklets which links to your home page. Do use semantic web and me as tags. You can use the comment field to write a short bio. And you can also add a geotagged tag in order to answer the following question: "where is your laboratory ?", "who is playing with the semantic web near me ?". geotagged tag can also be used to generate an input for google-earth

An example:

Suggestion 2

O'Reilly publishing has released a new web site called O'Reilly Connections used for IT networking. This site can be used to generate FOAF. Register that site, add semantic web and/or semweb-lifesci in your skills and you can also send invitations to your colleagues to grow your network.

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